Always Learning

Trauma anesthesia is a continuously evolving specialty. The advances in technology and techniques mean that fewer and fewer patients are out of our reach. To continue to bring the best available care to our patients we must devote the time and energy to ensure we are prepared!!!


Research forms the cornerstone of advancing medical care. At TAS we are privileged to have some of the leading minds in anesthesia and trauma working together to improve care worldwide. Here you will find links to research grant opportunities, ongoing projects, and recent Society publications.


Sometimes history lessons are worthwhile. Dive into our past editorials and posts. You might learn something (or relearn) that will help you care for that next trauma. 

Trainee Corner

For those of members who are embarking on a career in Trauma Anesthesia, or for those who want to revisit some of the fundamentals. Here you will find information about ‘must read’ papers, Trauma Anesthesia Fellowships, & Traumatology 101 


Full powerpoint presentations with lecturer notes

Problem Based Learning Discussion

A clinical vignette that evolves over time with appropriate places for questions & discussion

Trauma Sim

A detailed script of a simulation based scenario including all the information needed to run in your own sim center

On Line Module

More than a lecture, less than a book chapter. These online modules provide more in-depth teaching around a topic – including the use of professional illustrators

Hands On Skills Session

A focused skills teaching session. All you would need to run a skills session and the skills you would want to be demonstrated by your learners